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bottleplus - the story

Since spring 2020, Linus and Christian are all about the idea of banning plastic bottles from sparkling water consumption. With bottleplus, they show how this can be possible.

How a bottle with many plus points became bottleplus
Christian was commuting by train when he opened his reusable water bottle filled with sparkling water: There was a «zisch», and an «aha» moment in Christian's head. What should exist is a drinking bottle with an integrated carboniser, analogous to the successful carbonation devices for home use. Such that drinking water can be carbonated anytime and anywhere. This would not only be practical, but would also make the purchase of plastic bottles redundant.

Together with handball and ETH friend Linus he decided to further pursue the idea. Together, the two started developing a product innovation that can also carbonate drinking water on the go.

From the crowdfunding campaign to incorporation
After many conversations, extensive research and even more work, the potential of their business idea was finally confirmed by the successful completion of their crowdfunding campaign. Following, Linus and Christian quit their jobs and have been dedicating themselves full-time to their startup bottleplus since the end of 2021. Always driven by the vision of making beverage consumption on the go more sustainable and guiding the beverage industry into a resource-saving future.



bottleplus in the media