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Did you know? Anyone who carbonates drinking water themselves has a 90% lower environmental footprint than someone who drinks sparkling water from plastic bottles.

The beverage industry has relied on plastic bottles for decades; a single-use product that leads to environmental pollution in many places and is energy and resource-intensive to produce. A total of 2kg of crude oil is needed to produce 1kg of PET. Around 1.3 billion plastic bottles are sold worldwide every day. This results in an incredible amount of waste and bound energy. Once filled, the plastic bottles are often transported hundreds of kilometers, in the worst case even halfway around the globe, before they reach the store. Many countries have high quality and healthy drinking water available. Let's use this! The example of sparkling water clearly shows the impact that can be achieved by a small change in behaviour. By avoiding sparkling water from plastic bottles and switching to sparkling water makers, the consumption of sparkling water is 90% more sustainable.

With our products, we want to make it easy to change consumer behaviour. It goes without saying that we also pay close attention to ensuring that our products are manufactured as resource-efficiently and locally as possible.

Produced nearby.

Our products are exclusively manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. This enables minimal transport routes, sustainable supply chains and socially responsible work.

With climate-neutral CO2.

We use biogenic and climate-neutral CO2, which is obtained as a by-product from bioethanol production.

Recycle what's possible.

Soon, we want to use recycled plastic for producing the refilling station. By using secondary raw materials, we further reduce the environmental footprint of our products and conserve the resources of our planet.

We make our environmental footprint public.

Transparency is important to us. That is why we will soon calculate the environmental footprint of our products. We will also create a map of our production sites and transport routes. Both will be published on our website. We want to change things for the better.